Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does a visit take on average?

For adults, a visit lasts on average 1 to 1.5 hours. With primary school children, a visit lasts an average of 1.5 to 2 hours.

From what age is MergelRijk suitable?

MergelRijk is suitable for everyone. Adults enjoy the many historical and informative stories and the beautiful marl and sand sculptures. Children receive a treasure hunt with which they can discover MergelRijk in an educational, but playful way. The treasure hunt is also fun to do with the family or grandparents!

Which clothes are most suitable?

At MergelRijk you go underground! The temperature is about 16 degrees Celsius. That’s not so cold. We advise to dress to this temperature and to wear sturdy shoes.

Is MergelRijk wheelchair friendly?

We do not recommend to do this toour with wheelchair. In exceptional cases, it’s possible to visit MergelRijk whith al light wheelchair if you can safely lift it up en down a flight of stairs.

Is MergelRijk pram friendly?

From 2024 it will no longer be possible to take your stroller or buggy into the cave. You can store your buggy or stroller at the checkout (at your own risk). Exception: if there is no other option, you may bring a small, light, liftable pram or buggy, provided you can safely lift it up and down stairs yourself. This is done entirely at your own risk.

Are dogs allowed in MergelRijk?

Friendly dogs are very welcome in MergelRijk, if kept on a leash!

Can you photograph / film in MergelRijk?

Taking photos for private use is allowed. It is not allowed to film in MergelRijk without prior written permission. (Semi-) professional photography and publication of photos for professional or commercial purposes or (online) publications is not permitted without prior written permission.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks but it’s only allowed to eat on our terrace, not inside.

Do I need a flashlight?

No, the entire marl cave is well lit. A flashlight is therefore certainly not necessary!

Where can I park?

Opposite MergelRijk you can park in the parking lot of the Steenkolenmijn.

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