Corona measures

To ensure a safe visit to MergelRijk, we apply strict measures:

1. In all museums, including in MergelRijk, the wearing of a nose and mouth mask is mandatory for visitors.

2.Stay at home with colds such as colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or increase to 38 degrees Celsius.

3. If you are 70 years or older or in fragile health, take extra care. It may be wise to stay at home as much as possible for the time being.

4. We have set a maximum number of visitors per hour. So you can not just come, but you have to buy a ticket online in advance. That is also cheaper than buying your ticket at the box office.

5. Do not print the ticket. You can show the ticket (or a photo of the QR code on the ticket) at the box office. Then we can scan it contactless for you.

6. Keep in mind that fewer toilets are temporarily open.

7. It is currently not possible to visit MergelRijk with a wheelchair, walker or pram.

8. It is not allowed to visit MergelRijk with a group, other than your own family.

9. On arrival it is mandatory for everyone to disinfect the hands. We have set up a disinfection table for this.

10. You are obliged to always give other visitors space.

11. You should stay close together with your family. Children are temporarily not allowed to “run free” in MergelRijk.

12. Instructions from employees must be followed immediately without any discussion. The safety of our visitors and our employees is paramount.

13. Do you not agree with these measures that are necessary for a safe stay? Then stay home. This is the only way we can guarantee a safe stay for everyone!